DERBY REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT LLC is a full service real estate firm which specializes in acquisition and sales of residential real estate. We specialize in either developing or re-developing distressed assets, and facilitating the improvements through the design, construction, and sales process. To accomplish our goals, we work with distressed owners, short sales, REO properties, brokers, whole sale, renovations and additions. We provide a superior product at an affordable price to new homeowners, renters, and other real estate investors.

We are an experienced residential redevelopment company located in Columbia, MD. As a team, the members of our team have collectively transacted over 200+ homes. We also have an asset portfolio of 80+ properties valued at over $10MM under various LLCs. We continue to learn and grow through our experiences and our dedication toward consistent education, striving closer to perfection on every deal. We firmly believe in People Before Profits.


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